Top 5 Popular Google Chrome Extensions for SEO


Which chrome extensions should install for checking your site SEO? 

According to W3Counter report’s, it shows that Chrome is at the first place of the web browser market in June 2019. Moreover, Chrome extension web store launched in 2010 as an add-on, which has released over 8,500 extensions in 2010. Google Chrome extension store provides various FREE tools by only install on your top right of the browser.
This blog will discuss different digital marketing chrome extensions that optimize website ranking and SEO in a more effective way. Therefore, within the list will include popular SEO extensions that provide site speed testing, links checking, mobile-friendly and security status of the website.

1. Moz

As a Digital Marketer you probably already familiar with Moz, a SEO software tool to optimize the website in many ways such Keyword Research and Planning, Rank Tracking, Backlink Analysis and Site Audits. Now you can enjoy this feature by download the chrome extensions!

  1. Download on Chrome Extension Webstore: Download Moz

After you installed, it will display on right corner of chrome browser.

  1. Open the site, you are willing to analyze and click the icon
  2. It will display a bar that display website:
    • PA: A “Page Authority” that predict the specific page ranking on Search Engine Result Page by Moz.
    • DA: A “Page Authority” that predict a website ranking on Search Engine Result Page from 1 to 100by Moz.
    • Subdomain: “Subdomain” can built off the root domain, such as www,
    • Spam Score: It shows a breakdown of the Spam Score for your backlinks and website.

Visit the Moz site:


2. Keyword everywhere

Keyword everywhere is helpful for digital marketers to get ideas on what related keyword is, what is the month volume, and CPC for those keywords. In more detail, those accurate search volume information can assist with choosing proper long-tail phrases keyword for websites. Related keywords and data will display as Google search prediction on search bar.  Screenshots are below.

  1. Download on Chrome Extension Webstore: Download Keyword everywhere

After you installed, it will display on right corner of chrome browser.

  1. Type any word on Google, which will display:
    • Monthly Volume: means how many people search the specific term on Google in a month.
    • CPC: also called Cost Per Clicks is the price you pay for each click in campaign.
    • Related Keyword
    • People Also Search For

Visit the Keyword Everywhere site:

3. Sitechecker

An add-on chrome extension that give a full report of the website includes content optimization, images, search optimization, external and internal links and Google page speed. This report contains specific detail about the error which is extremely helpful for digital marketer to optimize the website.
  1. Download on Chrome Extension Webstore: Download Sitechecker
  2. Type the site’s URL and CHECK

It takes 30 sec to get the full-report.


View Sitechecker site:

4. Check my links

Internal and External links are part of the significant component of optimizing the on-page SEO. “Check my links” is a tool to find the links on the browser whether is a valid links, redirect links or a warning. Furthermore, it helps you clarify those different links type or warning by corresponding colors in order to fix the links or buttons on the website.
  1. Download on Chrome Extension Webstore: Download Check My Links
  2. Open the browser and click the extension

5. User Agent Switcher

User friendly became a critical part of every website. Different browsers and screen size of devices can affect the website performance in various ways such as font size, image, menu items etc. Therefore, this tool can test the website in diversity of browsers within different screen size in order to develop as high rank website.
  1. Download on Chrome Extension Webstore: Download User-Agent Switcher
  2. Open the browser and choose the browser or screen size

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